SmarttubeNext FAQs

1. When I enter the code, a circle with an exclamation mark displays but nothing happens, therefore I can’t connect the app to the phone.

The most recent upgrade prevents you from linking outside applications to the official YouTube client. There are currently only two options:

  • Revert your smartphone’s YouTube app to version 16.20.35
  • Instead, get SmartTubeNext.

2. How does SmartTube support 5.1 audio?

  • To choose mp4a, go to the sound settings.
  • 1 audio tracks aren’t actually present in all videos.
  • Additionally, throwing the sound “as is” is useless.
  • DD and DTS are not available on YouTube. The sound in the mp4a container is encoded in the AAC format, which the receiver frequently cannot decode. Consequently, the TV settings for the PCM should be used.

Test video for 5.1 sound testing –

3. For my phone and computer, are there any alternatives to SmartTube?

Yes. You can use SmartTube if your phone runs Android. There is also an application named MyTube for Windows 8, 10 and 11. It can be downloaded through the Microsoft Store.

4. Could you please explain the differences between VP9 and AVC? The image quality appears to be the same.

The instructions for the codec used for picture compression differ. The same image can be displayed using a reduced stream size thanks to VP9.

But because software decoding is so sluggish, hardware support is more than likely needed.

You can use it if vp9 is running. Only above 1080p will you see a difference in image quality because only vp9 is used at that resolution.

5. What exactly is a SponsorBlock used for?

This is a method of avoiding in-video advertisements. For instance, a video blogger’s advertising integration or a closing speech with a request to subscribe and like. By identifying the start and end times of the ad insert, viewers can calculate the time of their skip.

As of right now, SponsorBlock in STN can only be used to skip integrations. Later, SponsorBlock will introduce further functionalities.

6. Why is there even a need for an AFR break?

so that there are no instances where you start watching a video and find that a minute has already elapsed. The video is already playing and goes through 1-2 seconds of video while AFR is operating.

7. What distinguishes a fast carousel from a slow carousel?

Slow – the preview frames are definitely turned on.

Fast – rewinds as usual, picking up speed gradually.

8. Why are there video profiles in the options, please?

You can specify the video format in which or near to which all videos will be played by choosing a profile. Currently, the “video format” setting duplicates the “profile video” setting; that is, when you change the video format in the “video formats” fly-out menu, “profiles” are marked and a different movie is played in the format you’ve chosen there.

9. Please assist me in resolving my issue with SmartYouTubeTV.

Unfortunately, the developer decided to stop working on SmartYouTubeTV for a variety of reasons (though happily, it is still being developed). They include:

  • Google makes regular code updates.
  • sluggish startup and navigation speed.
  • issues with introducing new functionality.

As a result, the author, as well as common sense advice, switched to SmartTubeNext. This app is considerably more functional and is always being improved.

10. How do you prevent the subsequent video from starting automatically after you watch this one?

To achieve this, click the button with arrows in the shape of a rounded square to change the mode to “Repeating the video,” “Autoplay the next video,” etc.

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