How to Use SponsorBlock on SmartTubeNext App?

Every day, YouTube’s marketing portions show greater creativity. The skippable adverts gave way to the present non-skippable ones, making customers watch a few seconds of pointless sponsor advertisements before their desired videos begin. Understandable to me. The site relies heavily on advertising as a major revenue stream. But that doesn’t mean you have to watch every one of these videos; they can grow tiresome after a while. This is in particular the case for those that abruptly interrupt your streaming to promote a good or service.

The remedy? SponsorBlock! The well-known YouTube alternatives SmartTubeBlock and YouTube Vanced both use SponsorBlock on the platform. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at using SponsorBlock with the SmartTubeNext program.

What is SponsorBlock?

Different strategies are used by YouTube to promote its platform-based adverts. The following are some of the most typical sorts of sponsor segments:

  • Intros
  • Outros
  • Subscription
  • Reminders

SponsorBlock was finally developed by Ajay in response to numerous screams and concerns from users over the excessive amounts of adverts on the network. An open-source addon called SponsorBlock was created by the community to block and bypass different sponsorship-related video parts.

Nothing about these portions is changed or altered by SponsorBlock. Instead, it blocks or disables them so you can focus on the important sections of the video without being interrupted. The finest online streaming quality is provided after this feature is turned on, which disables all segments in every movie on the SmartTubeNext platform.

How Does It Work?

Anyone can grasp it because it is a fairly straightforward notion. As a browser extension, SponsorBlock functions with all types of search engines, including:

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera Mini
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Android browser

Additionally, users are able to recognize and report various bits in various videos that are seen to be sponsored or unimportant parts of the video thanks to the addon. The software analyses the viability of such complaints in the targeted video after you submit a report using a specially created formula.

SponsorBlock won’t, however, alter or amend any of the films’ content, including the sponsorship that is featured. Instead, it automatically skips through these segments that were discovered and verified from the available information. Users can simply submit a new report if they still believe that more needs to be done on a particular video.

How do I use the Sponsorblock feature in SmartTubeNext?

For all of its videos, SmartTubeNext has chosen to turn on SponsorBlock on its platform. Install the programme on your device by downloading the SmartTubeNext APK in its official form. When it’s done, you can use the app to watch any video you choose without any ads. There won’t be any intro, outro, or subscription demands in your videos.

  • Open menu.
  • Go to settings.
  • There, you can see the SponsorBlock option.
  • Click on it and enable.
  • Choose actions if you want to customize a bit.

Select actions from the list below, which includes Sponsor, Intermissions/Intro animation, End cards/Credits, Interaction reminder or subscription, Self-promotion, Non-music segment of a clip, preview or summary of video, Off-topic, and point or highlight of the video.

You can customize these categories.

You can always report any missing sections in a video if you locate them, and the appropriate corrections will be made after careful verification. When your SmartTubeNext app is up and running, you can enjoy unique video content without sponsorship or advertising interruptions at each predetermined period for all time.


I’m not advocating for a total commercial ban on YouTube or other streaming services. They are an integral component of these services. But thanks to alternatives like SmartTubeNext, you are no longer forced to put up with intrusive pop-ups. Enjoy top-notch streaming experiences by downloading the app’s most recent version today.

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