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SmartTubeNext is the best alternative of Youtube Vanced and an advanced ad-free app for Android TV, Smart TV, Firestick, Fire TV, TV Boxes, NVIDIA Shield, Android Smartphones, etc.

Introduction of SmartTubeNext

It’s rare to find someone who has never heard of YouTube at this point in their lives unless they were never exposed to the internet in the first place. This platform is notable for being the largest and most popular video hosting client, as well as the second most popular search engine behind Google. Indeed, this massive video behemoth has a lot to offer and is compatible with virtually every smart gadget on the market, if not all. With such scale and popularity, however, people are obliged to identify defects, no matter how minor, and invent their own version of perfection. That’s how third-party apps like SmartTubeNext APK, which mirror YouTube’s services but have a better service platform, came to emerge.

The smart TV is one of the most popular smart devices for viewing YouTube content at home. People have a lot of streaming possibilities thanks to these digitalized and AI-based screens, which have broken their cable limits.

Developers, on the other hand, have devised ways for YouTube addicts to get additional viewing alternatives not available on the platform. SmartTubeNext provides users with the option to update and maximize their viewing experience by a substantial margin, thanks to a UI that synchronizes with the new Android TV design. Let’s take a peek at the hoopla surrounding this app.


What is SmarTubeNext?

What are your YouTube knowledge levels? For starters, it’s been a Google-owned property since October 2006, when Google paid a staggering $1.65 billion for the site. Not unexpectedly, YouTube is now valued at more than 100 times its original purchase price, making it one of the most profitable investments.

Regardless of the numbers, being owned by Google implies that in order to install and utilize YouTube, one must have Google Play services installed on their device. However, not all smart TVs and other streaming devices will let you install the program without Google Services, so the SmartTubeNext comes to the rescue.

The SmartTubeNext APK is an open-source program that allows users to use YouTube on a variety of streaming devices, including Smart TVs, FireStick, Fire TV, Android boxes, and even Roku, without having to install Google Play services. This isn’t to say that if you don’t have Google Play, you won’t be able to access your account content on the platform.

You may log in into your account and access all of your subscriptions, liked videos, playlists, shared content, and history with the SmartTubeNext APK. It’s simply a way of informing viewers that they may gain more control over YouTube and its features without paying a premium. Yes, the app also includes free access to YouTube premium features.

App Screenshots

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Organized Categories

SmartTubeNext Category

The SmartTubeNext APK is divided into categories to help users locate what they’re looking for quickly. Unlike the regular YouTube app, which displays random entertainment videos on your home page, this app organizes its material into categories including suggested videos, breaking news, cartoons, games, television shows, lifestyle, comedy, nature, and newly added videos.


SmartTubeNext Apk

We’re all aware of how irritating sponsors, intros, outros, and subscription reminders, among other YouTube video segments, can be, especially when you’re trying to watch something interesting. While presenting themselves in what appears to be some of the longest video intros possible, they sap the pleasure out of everything. Some content creators go overboard with their intros, which can stretch anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. It’s as though they’re attempting to duplicate Universal Studio Movies’ intros on YouTube videos.

Fortunately, developers didn’t ignore their fans’ plight and created SponsorBlock, a potential solution for SmartTubeNext. This is a free and open-source add-on for YouTube videos that allows you to skip or block sponsorship portions. Because SponsorBlock is open-sourced, users can submit the start and end times of sponsored parts, and anyone else using the program can go right over them. You can even skip parts of music videos that aren’t about music.

No Ads

SmartTubeNext App

There are other enemies of a pleasurable video experience known as commercials, in addition to sponsors, intros, outros, and subscription reminders among other YouTube elements. These features are well-known for interrupting your viewing experience and forcing you to sit through seconds of unrelated content in the name of adverts. While some adverts can be skipped, others will only allow you to resume watching your video once they’ve finished.

To remove adverts from YouTube, you may need to purchase a premium subscription. The SmartTubeNext APK, on the other hand, has no advertising at all. Enjoy an ad-free, segment-free viewing experience that allows you to start watching any video from the beginning and finish without interruption. With the help of SmarTubeNext’s ad-blocking properties, even the commercials in between videos that can’t be skipped are deleted.

Doesn’t necessitate the use of Google Play services

SmartTubeNext for TV

You must have Google Play services installed in order to download and utilize any Google product, such as YouTube. Smart TVs and other streaming devices are not exempt from this requirement. SmartTubeNext, on the other hand, does not require Google Play services in order to experience all of YouTube’s premium features on the move. Simply download and install the APK to begin using it. You may connect your Google account to the app to view all of your subscriptions and favorite videos.


SmartTubeNext Apk

While English is a universal language, many individuals prefer to watch movies in their own native tongue, whether it’s French, German, Spanish, Russian, or even Hindi. SmartTubeNext includes a multi-language function that allows you to navigate the program in the language of your choice from the list of alternatives. You can also adjust the settings if you want to read content from a specific country while based in another. To make the adjustments, all you have to do is select the country you want and restart the program.

Video Player


You can change the video player’s settings to suit your needs. Set your favorite settings or leave them blank, modify the video buffer level between low, medium, and high, and select your preferred audio. You may also change the OK button behavior, adjust Misc settings, and even activate and disable the preview while seeking by manually specifying the time it takes for the UI to auto-hide. There are also developer options, which include sleep timer fix, snap to sync, and set output surface workaround, among others.

User Interface


Elegantly simple. These are two words that explain how simple it is to use the app and find the material you want. Everything is organized into categories to make it easier for users to find what they want to watch with less effort.

You can change a variety of user interface options to make your experience even better. You can begin by altering the app’s color design to your desire. Choose from teal, dark grey, red, or OLED variations of these colors. You can also change the card’s style and turn on or off features like animation previews, auto-scroll cropped titles, and multiline titles. Setting your UI scale, channels section sorting, modifying the video grid-scale, and card text scroll speed are all options under the user interface.

Background Playback


Consider a scenario in which you’re watching something fascinating that you don’t want to be disturbed, but then you get a juicy text from your crush. It’s unlikely, but it doesn’t harm to consider the idea. Background playback was designed to address these issues because it allows you to switch between apps and respond to texts while still seeing your content in a smaller floating window. You can disable this function, enable the image in picture mode, or even turn it to audio-only mode with SmartTubeNext. This way, if you’re listening to a podcast, you won’t have to interrupt it because your crush has finally texted you back after hours of being active to ask you for the homework.

YouTube Music Premium


Music is good for the soul, and SmartTubeNext APK allows you to listen to high-quality music on YouTube. There are live performances by your favorite artists, genre and mood stations to discover, and music of all kinds to enjoy. The best aspect is that once you select a music video, no advertisements will appear before the video begins. Get addicted to music’s biggest hits, sing along to some of the most enthralling love songs on the internet, dance to energetic music by popular musicians, and listen to top tunes from many areas and nations, among other things.

Breaking News


Breaking news is another element of the app that you can enjoy. Regularly receive videos of significant events from around the world. Stay informed with up-to-date information designed to educate, inspire, and keep you informed about global trends.

Download SmartTubeNext APK for Android Based Smart TVs

We all enjoy seeing music videos, especially when our favorite musicians release new material. Most of these movies begin with non-musical moments, and while they may be entertaining for the first few times, it might become tedious to have to fast forward to the point where the music truly begins every time. However, as an open-source tool, the SmartTubeNext may flex its muscles in these situations by allowing users to submit the start and end of every non-music part of the videos. Users can skip straight to the music portion of the video and avoid wasting time watching unneeded bits. Isn’t it amazing? This is just one of the numerous advantages of having SmartTubeNext installed on your Android device.

Users may also watch ad-free content in high definition, with resolutions ranging from 420p to 8K. SmartTubeNext can accommodate your viewing needs in the highest resolutions, whether it’s Ultra or Quad High Definition. This software is a one-of-a-kind companion for your Android device, with ad-blocking capabilities, a multilingual keyboard, and regular updates.

If you want to get your hands on it, you’ll have to go to a third-party website because the app store doesn’t allow for such changes to versions of its original items. Today, I’ve provided you with a direct download link so you may enjoy all of the SmartTubeNext APK’s excitement. To begin downloading, click the link above.

You can also install Smart Tube Next on Firestick easily check out the tutorials. And if you want ad-free Youtube on Android smartphones you can try other apps or else use SmarttubeNext on landscape mode.

How to Install SmartTubeNext on Android TV? {VIDEO}

YouTube Vanced vs SmartTubeNext

I’m sure you’ve heard of YouTube Vanced if you’re a member of the deep state third-party applications. For those who prefer dark themes, this is one of the best YouTube clients you’ll find. It’s a shame you haven’t tried it yet because it has several great features that provide you free access to the YouTube premium membership. Built-in adblocker, background playback, picture-in-picture mode, and configurable resolution and speed are just a few of the many great perks of using YouTube Vanced instead of the original app. How does it stack up against SmartTubeNext APK?

To begin with, both of these apps are YouTube clients that seek to provide users with a far more pleasant YouTube experience, complete with all of the free premium features. Unlike YouTube Vanced, which was created particularly for Android devices, SmartTubeNext is created for Smart TVs and other streaming devices such as FireStick, Roku, and Android boxes. It’s also compatible with any Android device, so it can be used on smartphones. Both apps have the same YouTube premium features that are popular among online users.

How to Download & Install SmartTubeNext for Android Smartphones

You can easily download Smart Tube Next by clicking on above download button and for installation follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Apk file.
  • Then click on install button
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • After complete installation just click on the Open button.

You will get a complete details guide of Smarttubenext on Android smartphones from here.

How to Download & Install SmartTubeNext for Firestick

Most of the Android apps are compatible with Firestick devices, you can easily install it and run on your PC.

To install you need to download the downloader app, then download APK file and after that you can install Smart Tube easily on Firestick devices.

For complete guide of Smarttubenext on Firestick follow here.

How to Use SponsorBlock on SmartTubeNext App?

SponsorBlock is tool to block Ads, Smarttubenext have already option for SponsorBlock you can easily enable it.

  1. First of all visit menu.
  2. Then visit Settings
  3. Then you can see SponsorBlock option
  4. Enable it

You will get a complete tutorial of SponsorBlock on SmartTubeNext from here.

SmartTubeNext Alternatives

SmartTubeNext has some alternatives on which Newpipe is best and also PureTuber, Dailytube, and Skytube are also good options. Check out the best alternatives of the SmartTubeNext App


If you thought YouTube was cool, just wait till you see what the SmartTubeNext program has to offer. This app exists to demonstrate that your viewing experience should never be confined to Google Play services. Get your free download today, and don’t forget to share it with your friends to show them how the wonderful things in life are truly free. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Keep in contact for the next installment.